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We are Mā

 conscious product development 


Our vision is for Mā to be a force for good; we want to create products that look after our planet and support vulnerable communities.

At Mā, we believe innovation is the way forward. Our aim is to develop ethical products in consultation with industry experts. By working with those on the ground to identify gaps in the market or problems with current offerings, we can develop products that are truly fit for purpose.

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Aida Rasmussen

Co-founder & Director

With a background in air quality science, MSc (Physics) and sales and business development across a number of industries. Aida brings an equal mix of passion for people and scientific experience to the team.  

The        TEAM


Sean Rasmussen

Co-founder & Director

As Managing Director of Momentum Fabrication; a successful metal fabrication and manufacturing business, 

Sean has a creative passion for engineering and science, bringing over 15 years of experience in fabrication and manufacturing to the team. 


Prof Johan Potgieter

Managing Director

As Director and Professor of Robotics and Automation at MAF Digital Lab, Johan brings a high level of experience in both engineering and governance to the team.


Prof Olaf Diegel

Chief Technology Officer

After holding multiple professorship roles at three globally renowned universities, Olaf brings a high level of knowledge and experience in engineering, product development and additive manufacturing.


David Smith

Lead Business Advisor

With a background in project management at ZURU Inc. and a MEng (Mechatronics), David brings business and engineering experience from a globally successful company to the team.


Chris Williams

Creative Director

Chris brings his visual expertise in graphic design, video and animation along with his business development and award winning marketing skills to the team.    

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got an idea?

Have you got a product or idea that you think could bring about positive change but need that extra boost to make your vision a reality? We are always open to a friendly chat to discuss if we can venture together in making that happen, feel free to reach out to the team at Mā and contact us. 

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